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Rossana Hoyos Orthodontics has joined the Specialty Smiles Orthodontics family!

Exciting Announcement!

We have added a new location where you can now find our orthodontists in Miramar, FL.
Rossana Hoyos Orthodontics has joined the Specialty Smiles Orthodontics family!
We are now serving patients in 4 convenient locations including Miami Lakes, Miramar, Davie/ Weston & North Miami.

It is my pleasure to introduce to you new members of the Hoyos Orthodontics family, Dr. Melissa Alfonso Sedeño and Dr. Eddy Sedeño of Specialty Smiles Orthodontics. The Sedeños have a combined 17 years of Orthodontic experience. I know that you will enjoy working with them as they integrate into the practice and allow for an even greater level of service and patient care.

Drs. Melissa Alfonso and Eddy Sedeño are warm, genuine, and compassionate people who care very deeply about their patients and treatment care. Their original location is in Miami Lakes and they are excited to be joining the Miramar community. As a husband-and-wife team, they strive to create a family environment centered on patient experience and orthodontic excellence. Both doctors received their Bachelor of Sciences degrees at the University of Florida, and they finished in the top of their class after four years of dental school. Both then continued at University of Florida to specialize in orthodontics. All this just to learn how to create beautiful smiles! Beyond education, both Dr. Alfonso and Dr. Sedeño have become board certified by the American Board of Orthodontics, an achievement only 1 in 3 orthodontists accomplish. We are extremely pleased that they will be joining our practice, bringing with them the resources of multiple office locations and the latest orthodontic techniques and training. As for me, I will continue to see patients in the office with the doctors for the foreseeable future as we transition care. Dr. Alfonso, Dr. Sedeño and I will be working side-by-side to provide you, our valued patients and clients, with the finest orthodontic care and best customer service possible.

My hope is that you will welcome Dr. Melissa Alfonso and Dr. Eddy Sedeño with open arms. Rest assured that both doctors have the highest of qualifications as they not only are trained dentists, but also spent an additional 36 months receiving in-depth training in orthodontics. They have received numerous awards over the course of their 10+ years of college and graduate school and have established an existing practice with thousands of happy patients. You can be confident in their work and in knowing that they aim for the highest standards.

When you see Drs. Melissa Alfonso Sedeño and Eddy Sedeño, please give them a warm welcome and introduce yourself as they join our orthodontic family. We look forward to merging our practice with the Specialty Smiles Orthodontics family. You may also notice your payments may update to their name on your statements. As always, feel free to contact any of our team at (954) 450-0303 if you have any questions or concerns. Serving you is our privilege, and our goal is to deliver a beautiful smile along with a positive experience throughout your treatment. We are confident that Dr. Alfonso and Dr. Sedeño will help us continue to accomplish these goals.


Dr. Rossana Hoyos

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