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Which Comes First, the Brush or the Floss?

For years, we were told to brush and floss. But have we been doing it backward? As a child, we were told to brush and floss – in that order. But recent studies suggest that we should be flossing first and then brushing. By flossing first, food and other particles are loosened and removed. Brushing […]

Retainers The Next Step in Orthodontic Treatment

Retainers: The Next Step in Orthodontic Treatment.

Just because you’re no longer in braces or using clear aligners, it doesn’t mean your orthodontic treatment is complete. Oh, happy day! The braces are off, and the beautiful, straight smile you’ve bled for and gave up those holiday caramels for is ready to shine on its own. The commitment you made to wear your […]

Now is a Great Time to Start Orthodontic Treatment

Our office is open and ready to help you to start your path to a straight, beautiful smile. For a few months, all dental offices were asked only to see emergencies and cancel what was considered non-essential dentistry. That meant that many orthodontic offices were closed. But we’re open again and, with new safety procedure […]

Use Your Dental Benefits Before They Expire1

Use Your Dental Benefits Before They Expire!

Dental offices are open again. Here’s why it’s safe (and important) to get back on the schedule and use your dental benefits before they expire. For a few months, dental offices were advised only to see emergencies and cancel what was considered non-essential dentistry. But we’re open again and, with new safety procedure guidelines from […]

Staying On Top Of Oral Health During COVID-19

Let’s face it. None of us planned for 2020 to go quite this way. COVID-19 disruptions are reverberating across the globe on every level. From stock markets to our favorite Thai restaurant, life’s different for now. Many elective dental and medical procedures are on hold as the healthcare system scrambles to keep up. In most […]

When Does Thumb Sucking Become a Problem?

Many children give up the habit before they start preschool, but for persistent thumb suckers, intervention might be necessary. Thumb sucking is a natural reflex that calms, soothes, and lulls a baby or child to sleep. Even in the womb, fetuses suck their thumbs to prepare themselves to breastfeed. Most children drop the habit on […]

Adults and Orthodontics: A Second Chance at a Beautiful Smile

Spoiler alert: You’re never too old for a perfect smile or relief from jaw joint discomfort. Orthodontics does more than create a beautiful smile. It can fix jaw alignment problems due to crooked and missing teeth and can help relieve many TMJ problems that cause chronic pain, broken or chipped teeth, and headaches. As a […]

When Is a Cleaning More Than a Cleaning?

If you’ve missed a few professional cleanings or haven’t been brushing at home, you may need more than a “regular cleaning,” costing you more time and money. Did you know a routine cleaning is clinically called a prophylaxis, or prophy cleaning? This is because it’s a preventative measure to reduce your risk of developing periodontal […]

Are Baby Teeth Really That Important?

Baby teeth are just as important as permanent teeth and play a significant role in your child’s overall development. Baby teeth might only be around for a short time, but they serve an important role in your child’s development. If your child has a cavity, it’s best to get it filled according to their dentist’s […]

Enjoying Your Summer While in Braces

Just because you’re in braces doesn’t mean you have to miss all the summer fun! Sitting at the beach or relaxing in the backyard with a few friends allows us to stop, take a deep breath, and enjoy the simple things in life. If you have braces though, you can’t slack on diligent home care […]

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