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Eating with Braces

Eating with Braces

Do not worry, you will be eating all your favorite crunchy food again in no time! However, before you can start enjoying some of the treats you love, you will need to take special care to avoid any foods that could damage your new appliances. Foods to avoid with braces: Chewy foods — bagels, licorice. […]

Dental Fear... Where Does it Come From?

Dental Fear… Where Does it Come From?

Fear. Ingrained in our DNA there’s a protective mechanism that helps us avoid danger. It’s essential to the survival of humans. Our ancient relatives wouldn’t be part of our family tree if they hadn’t operated with a solid dose of fear. But sometimes fear keeps us from healthy situations…like dental care. Rational or not, nearly […]

Conquering Dental Fear

We often know what we need to do, but it’s easier said than done. Shortages of time, money, or motivation frequently set up roadblocks on our journey to better health. Or anxiety may hold us back when nothing else really stands in the way. Fear is a critical protective mechanism, but it can also paralyze […]

Let’s Get Clear About Your Smile

New invisible teeth straightening techniques bring the magic of a straighter, whiter smile within reach of many patients. Discover how technology makes orthodontic care easier, faster, and more comfortable than ever. Getting Clear About Your Smile Flashy metal grins fill the pages of most high school yearbooks, a rite of passage for many teenagers. Not […]

Orthodontics Can Fix These Common Bite Problems

Orthodontics Can Fix These Common Bite Problems

While everyone’s bite is unique, many people suffer from some form of bite misalignment. Here are a few common problems that can be corrected with braces. Few people are born with a “perfect” smile. With a little help, modern orthodontics can help the rest of us get a picture-perfect smile and a functional bite. While […]

What’s a Smile Worth?

Imagine this classic American scene: a well¬ kept house with a white picket fence. The fence sits perfectly straight and brilliantly painted, not a board out of place. That fence greets everyone who pulls up, making a first impression that’s not always consciously noted. Yet a crooked fence, an uneven post, or peeling paint all […]

Tooth Sensitivity Can Be a Real Pain1

Tooth Sensitivity Can Be a Real Pain

Do cold foods make your teeth feel like a hot mess? Do hot foods give your teeth the chills? You’re not alone. Read on for some tips to keep your mouth (and you) happy. Tooth sensitivity is a common problem, but you don’t have to suffer in silence. There are many treatments available that can […]

Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body Reducing Added Sugar in Your Family’s Diet1

Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body: Reducing Added Sugar in Your Family’s Diet

Added sugar lurks in everything from juice to crackers. Here’s some advice for cutting the excess sugar while keeping the family happy. It’s no mystery that most kids love sugar. However, the bacteria in their mouths love it even more. Bacteria “eat” sugar and the acid waste they leave behind wears away the enamel of […]

How to Care for Your Clear Aligners in Seven Steps1

How to Care for Your Clear Aligners in Seven Steps

With a little care and attention, you can keep your teeth healthy and your clear aligners looking new. Clear aligners like Invisalign and Clear Correct are an innovation in dentistry. They allow people to straighten their teeth invisibly and, in some cases, in less time than with traditional orthodontics. Even though you only wear a […]

What is Scaling and Root Planning1

What is Scaling and Root Planning

If your dentist finds signs of gum disease during an exam, you might hear the phrase “root planing and scaling.” Don’t worry; it’s not as scary as it sounds and it might just save your teeth. If you haven’t been to the dentist in a while or if you have difficulty sticking to a regular […]

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