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What Are Prophylactic Antibiotics and Do I Need Them?

What Are Prophylactic Antibiotics and Do I Need Them? Sometimes dentists recommend a dose of antibiotic before dental treatment. Here’s why. You may have a family member or friend mention that they take a dose of antibiotics before dental procedures. Have you ever wondered why? Everyone has bacteria in their mouth. During certain dental procedures, […]

Don’t Be Fooled: Vaping Is Just as Dangerous as Cigarettes

People often think vaping and e-cigarettes are safer than tobacco, but recent studies prove otherwise. Decades of research has shown how addictive and dangerous smoking and using tobacco products can be. In an attempt to quit, some people turn to vaping as a tobacco replacement. But recent studies show that vaping can cause the same […]

What Does “Deep Bite” Mean and How is it Corrected?

You may have heard your orthodontist mention a deep bite. What exactly does this mean and how can it be fixed? The first visit to an orthodontist can often begin because a patient has crooked or crowded teeth. During their exam, they may hear their dentist mention what is called a deep bite. A deep […]

When Is The Best Time For My Child To See An Orthodontist?

Being proactive can reduce treatment time, overall discomfort, and preserve your child’s natural teeth. Orthodontics isn’t just about a straight smile. A lot is happening behind the scenes. A child’s mouth is always moving and shifting to accommodate new teeth and preparing for adult teeth to grow in. Years ago, the school of thought was […]

Orthodontics Can Fix These Common Bite Problems

While everyone’s bite is unique, many people suffer from some form of bite misalignment. Here are a few common problems that can be corrected with braces. Few people are born with a “perfect” smile. With a little help, modern orthodontics can help the rest of us get a picture-perfect smile and a functional bite. While […]

A Clear Choice for Many Patients

Clear aligners can help many patients straighten their teeth invisibly. Many adult orthodontic patients once dreamed of having a beautiful, straight smile. For one reason or another, they were never able to commit to orthodontic treatment as kids. Maybe their parents couldn’t afford braces when they were younger, or perhaps they did have braces as […]

Beat the End of Year Rush and Don’t Let Your Benefits Go to Waste

Beat the End of Year Rush and Don’t Let Your Benefits Go to Waste

Get in early! Schedule your appointments now before the schedule fills up! Each year, millions of dollars are wasted by not maxing out your dental benefits or using up the money set aside in your FSA. Most dental insurance companies reset their “benefit year” starting on January 1st. This means you have until the end […]

Is The Year Really This Far Gone?

Is The Year Really This Far Gone?

Don’t Forget Yourself As the days of another year race forward, we’re all aware that time isn’t slowing down. The demands of modern life push and pull on us from every angle. Deadlines at work and headlines at home write the story of our lives. The never-ending list of responsibilities and activities jostle for attention […]

Did You Know 99.7% of People Think This?

Did You Know 99.7% of People Think This?

Teeth Whitening: A Quick Smile Fix In 1992, author John Gray wrote a book declaring Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus. Selling 50 million copies, the publication spent 121 weeks on the bestseller list and became a key theme in American pop culture. Researchers have since shown that the catchy metaphor applies to […]

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